# 2023: Consistency


Many of my goals remain the same as last year. However, I'm shifting the focus of them to center around consistency. I still want to hit my physical goals this year, but my focus will be on hitting the gym 4 times a week rather than the more long term goal of breaking my PRs.

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I was inspired by a TikTok I came across which highlighted the importance of choosing your suffering; Life is hard no matter what you choose to do, so it's best if you choose how you suffer. I'm tired of being fat, of not being happy with who I see in the mirror and I miss skateboarding and doing yoga and I want to be fit enough when I retire to still be able to surf. In order to change these things, I need to change.

# Goals

I've set up my goals this year to be in an easy-to-manage format of weekly goals. Here are my goals for the following categories:

# Physical Fitness Goals

  • # Workout at the gym 4 days a week

I've been using an app for a workout program I discovered on Reddit called nsuns (opens new window). The subreddit seems to be dead actually and the app I have on my phone doesn't seem to exist on the Play store anymore, so I might have to look for a new app, but the one I've been using has been functional enough for me. I've stuck with the program consistently, so that's all that matters.

  • # Skateboard twice a week (during summer/warm weather)

I miss skateboarding. I used to be the president of the UCF Skateboarding Club. I'm unhappy if I can't skate. I have no more excuses anymore, there is plenty of flat ground right outside my apartment and a skatepark I can walk to. I'm gonna start skating as soon as the weather permits, which honestly is now, I just need to get over the slight chill.

  • # Track every meal's calories in MyFitnessPal

There was a trend I noticed when I first lost a bunch of weight in college. That was, I was exercising regularly, eating cleanly and tracking the calories that I ate. This seems like a simple one to stay consistent with.

  • # Cut out sugar (one cheat item per week)

Part of eating cleanly includes removing sugar from my diet. I got into the bad habit of drinking energy drinks (for some reason) this past year. Sugary drinks seem to be the main form of sugar I intake, so this should be easy to cut. Removing sugar from my diet will leave only fat for my body to burn as fuel.

  • # OMAD Diet

I've found success in the past with losing weight in intermittent fasting. The One-Meal-A-Day diet (opens new window) basically is intermittent fasting daily. This might be hard for me, but losing weight is hard either way, so I'm just going to have to deal with it.

  • # Go sailing again in the summer

Last year I took a sailing class which was part of my lifelong dream of becoming a pirate and sailing the seas. It was amazing and I want to keep my sailing skills up by regularly visiting the harbor on my weekends to catch sail with a crew.

# Mental Health Goals

  • # Walk outside everyday

Should be pretty easy to hit. I have to walk to the bus to go to work some days anyway. The rest of the days there is a park nearby I can walk to.

  • # Do Yoga 4 times a week

When I lost a lot of weight, I was doing yoga regularly. I want yoga to become a regular part of my routine again, so I decided I'm going to keep it in line with my fitness goal of going to the gym; I'll do yoga before I go to the gym each time.

  • # Write in my journal at least once a week

It's easy to neglect writing in my journal, especially if I'm writing blog posts consistently, but I want to ensure I still take the time to write with pen on paper, as it's not only therapeutic for me, but meditative.

# Productivity Goals

  • # Stream 4 days a week

I've been streaming pretty regularly lately, so instead of coming up with goals surround my game and game engine, I figure if I stay consistent with streaming (when I'm always productive), I will make great progress with my game.

  • # Study Japanese

My friends and I are planning a trip to Japan in March this year, so I'd like to brush up on my Japanese vocabulary which I had learned from my flash cards when I took Japanese in college. I hope to have a beginner's level of proficiency by March.

My goals are simple this year, so I hope that I'll be able to stick to them and hold myself accountable on a weekly basis.

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