# The Bones Engine

Solid Tears ~

It's been a while since I've provided a Space Pirates update. Life got in the way.

I decided to pivot away from a blockchain based game in favor of a more traditional style of game. One where I have complete creative control and am not confined by the limitations of a blockchain.

In the many times that I've previously attempted to begin creating the Space Pirates game, I've usually made the distinction of separating the engine out from the game. I last did this in C++ using OpenGL (opens new window). I even got pretty far with the engine. All this was done while following the tutorial (opens new window).

I've therefore decided to stay true to my original vision and create a custom game engine using Vulkan instead of OpenGL, since it's the newer API. I've basically been following the same steps as I did last time, where I'm creating the game engine initially by following a Vulkan tutorial (opens new window).


I've already begun separating out the game engine from the base game. I'm hosting the code under my CITY PLANNERS (opens new window) github repository, as that is the studio I want to publish the game under. The base game is Space Pirates (opens new window) and it uses the Bones Engine (opens new window).


I decided to change the name from Warp Engine to Bones Engine because I think of bones as the framework that provides locomotion to our systems. Thus, I want a bones framework animating the life behind the pixels that are rendered to the screen. It's a working title and I reserve the right to rename it again at a later date, but I like it so far.

You can follow my game development progress live on Twitch (opens new window)!

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Last Updated: 1/1/2023, 9:02:58 PM