# Greatest. Song. Ever.

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I first heard of this band through a Facebook post from Cage The Elephant. Apparently the two bands are close and Cage The Elephant was helping promote this new band. I followed the link and found this amazing music video full of fantastic visuals, brilliant colors, and psychedelic music.

Instantly, I fell in love with it. Normally I wouldn't go for the fast-paced style that is psychedelic rock, but Expanding Anyway offered something more melodic than that. It didn't fall into just another wall of sound like a lot of other songs have a tendency to do. It keeps it lively by mixing it up throughout the song, until the big finale at the end. That's actually my favorite part of the song, where he vocalizes his "la-la"s and everyone gets up and dances. Including me.

This band is still pretty small, but eventually I'm sure it will get the recognition that it deserves. They're coming to Orlando on the 29th, so I'm pretty excited to see them play. I'd love to see them perform Expanding Anyway live.

1/21/2021 Update: I did end up seeing them live on the 29th at BackBooth Orlando. It was my very first concert, and I got to meet Tiger and the band. I even caught his pick as it fell off stage! It was one of the best shows of my life and instilled in me a deep love of live music.

To this day, they remain one of my all time favorite bands. I even made a website for them.

Rest in peace, Tiger.

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