# Re-Evaluating My Goals

At the beginning of the year, I made a list of New Year's Resolutions that I wanted to accomplish.

It basically came down to:

  • Accumulate 1 bitcoin.
  • Develop a working prototype of my Space Pirates game.
  • Lose 30 lbs.
  • Take up kiteboarding.

I still want to accomplish these goals, however, I'm two months into the new year and I need to look at my current trajectory to determine if I can make it and readjust as needed.

# Financial

Let's start by looking at my first goal: Accumulate 1 bitcoin.

Bitcoin has been doing very well recently. It has jumped in value 71% in the last month at the time of this writing. Based on my rough calculations, at the rate it's value is increasing, I simply will not be able to accumulate 1 full bitcoin by the end of the year. As the price continues to go up, each monthly purchase I make to acquire more bitcoin will result in smaller and smaller satoshis stacked.

Therefore, I need to realistically readjust my goal. I can either adjust the timeline or adjust the bitcoin amount.

However, as I was doing these calculations, something else dawned on me: I really want the Cybertruck (opens new window).

It's quite literally my dream car. I mean I've literally had dreams about owning the Cybertruck.

The good news is Tesla is planning on accepting bitcoin as payment (opens new window). The bad news is that this somewhat conflicts with my goal of accumulating bitcoin.

If I put all the money I'm saving towards bitcoin as a down payment for the Cybertruck, I should be able to get an auto loan to cover the rest of the cost. This is assuming I bring my credit score up a bit. I've already looked into solutions on how to quickly improve my credit score. First, I'm paying off any small debts that appear on my credit score. Then, I'm also planning on starting to use my secured credit card (opens new window) to make small purchases throughout the month that I'll pay back immediately. This will show that I've been using my credit responsibly and should serve to quickly raise my credit.

There's a few problems with this plan, however. Not only would having an auto payment increase my monthly expense burden, it would also only add to the debt that I'm in. Most of my net worth is tied to the student debt loan I acquired over the span of my 8 year college undergraduate degree.

The main underlying goal to accumulate bitcoin is to improve my net worth. Taking out an auto loan would severely set back this plan. With all that considered, I still really want the Cybertruck. I'm still debating on if it's worth going further into debt for, but I fear the responsible answer is no.

# Space Pirates

My second goal of developing a working prototype of the game is going pretty well, I suppose. I recently acquired the domain name for the website, but I'm still working on another article to anayze the different blockchain options I have for building the game with. I'll be honest and admit it's caused a bit of analysis paralysis.

I started reading Cal Newport's Deep Work (opens new window), and I think if I focus and put in the deep work, I should be able to quickly wrap up my blockchain analysis article and continue working on the game. I think it's worth analyzing all my options, despite the time it's taking me to do so.

# Fitness

Finally, I realized that my last two goals to lose 30 lbs and to take up kiteboarding are both related to my fitness.

I finally bought a bathroom scale so that I could determine my starting weight with which to evaluate my progress towards my goal. I calculate that I should lose about 2-3 lbs per month if I am to reach my goal by the end of the year. I've been seeing one of my best friend's weight loss progress on social media lately and his gains have inspired me to push myself to accomplishing my goal. When I talked to him, he said it's definitely not easy but that it is easier since he's devoting all his attention to doing so.

I've decided that I'm going to devote all my attention to accomplishing my goals, especially my fitness ones, so I started going to the gym more often.

I'm very out of shape.

I realized there's no way I'd be able to keep up with a physically demanding sport like kiteboarding like this, so I really need to focus to get as fit as I can before summer, when I plan to take up kiteboarding lessons.

# Conclusion

Overall, I think I'm making pretty good progress on my goals. Reading Deep Work, I realize that I haven't really being doing a whole lot of that lately, especially at work. I realized that when I was doing deep work at the start of the year, I wrote about 24 articles on my blog in the span of a month. That's really good work and a testament to what I can accomplish when I focus and really dedicate long hours to uninterrupted work.

In an effort to maximize my work ethic and achieve my goals, my plan today is to write two articles among other things. This will serve as proof to myself that I can accomplish my goals if I practice doing deep work.

P.S. Utterly focused, I wrote this ~900 word blog post in about an hour. Most professional writers average about one thousand words per hour (opens new window), so I already feel pretty good about my level of productivity today!

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Last Updated: 6/1/2021, 5:55:34 PM