# Thanksgiving

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Hello. It’s been a little over two years since my last update, and a lot has happened since then to be honest. First of all… I’m doing pretty good.

I feel like I’ve finally gotten to the point in my life where I’m starting to see the results of all the time, effort and energy I’ve put into myself; making myself a better person, being open minded and listening to others advice. For that, I’m truly thankful for all the wonderful people who’ve come into my life in any capacity and who I’ve had relationships with, however fleeting they may have been. Every person that I meet and share experiences with has had a direct impact on who I am today and how I’ve grown. These connections are really a beautiful thing and it’s something that is often times taken for granted, so I want to take this time once more to express my appreciation for all my friends and family.

Part of the reason why it’s been two years since my last update was because although I didn’t quite realize it, I was kind of a mess. There’s a term in psychology that I’ve come to love called ‘cognitive dissonance’. It occurs when your thoughts are not in line with your actions. Although I had a good job and was living comfortably, I didn’t feel like I was actually moving forward with my goals or career. My work plus the commute was taking up a majority of my time and it started to wear me thin. I would find myself coming home feeling drained and before long miserable. There were a few other things in my life that were causing me distress but thankfully I was able to identify each issue and start to work on them.

I’d been taking part time classes while I was working, but it was very difficult considering how far my job was from campus. I decided that in order to continue down my desired path I needed to make a major life change. I quit my job of two years to return to school full time agan. This brought about the start of a lot of positive changes in my life.

When I quit I didn’t have another job lined up. All I had was a semester full of classes, an embarrassingly small amount of savings and a financial aid check to look forward to once classes started. But I found I had more of what I consider to be the most precious resource available: time. Just thinking about the straight up bliss I experienced from having more time to myself to stop and smell the roses makes my wanna cry; I was happy, truly happy again.

Anyway, I felt like I got a second chance starting up school full time again. In an effort to improve my social life I started being active in clubs. I met so many awesome people who’ve enriched my lives since then. Honestly there is too many things I’m thankful for to list them all, but I’ve really felt blessed to have my friends and family above all.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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