# Into the Vertex!

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Ok folks. Here's what's been happening:

  • I saw Cage the Elephant and Bear Hands in what was the best concert of my young adult life
  • I drive a car now
  • so I don't have to ride my motorcycle
  • I started working on my game
  • from scratch
  • I got a haircut

Not bad.

I'm sure a lot more has happened that that too, but I just get to lazy to write my thoughts about them until months later. At least these were the events that stood out in my memory.

The game I'm working on is tentatively titled Space Pirates, after a game of the same name I used to play as a tot on the internet. It was fun, and I want to make a game that's as fun as the original was for me. No matter how many times I've searched for this game, I cannot find any evidence that it ever existed, so I'm gonna use my creative liberties for all their worth. "Pretty straight-forward plan," if I do says so myself.

I have some pretty lofty ambitions for this game, so I've been doing a lot of groundwork with the engine I want. Since I've been using C# a lot, I've absolutely become enamored with the language. Therefore I've decided to use OpenTK with my game, as an open source wrapper library for OpenGL.

I've still just barely begun work on it and I'm already starting to think about art assets, story, music, merchandise, theme parks -- okay maybe not story. But if I had to choose one thing I'd want for this game is music by Colin Stetson. He's a disturbingly good saxophonist and I think he'd capture the feeling of deep-space insanity that comes with the nefarious enterprises of piracy.

But first let me get the game text to show up on the screen.

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