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Man, it's been almost a year and a half. Whew. We'll just because it was the last thing I posted, I'm gonna go over my resolutions I had originally set out to do.

  • Get an internship this summer
  • Get my own place (not a dorm)
  • Read at least ten books
  • Have a playable game ready 
  • Take the Foundation exam
  • Make my own website [In progress]
  • Get all A’s

Cool. So in retrospect I didn't do that bad. I managed to accomplish my goals that I had set out to do, even if it was not within a year.

I guess I should make a new set of goals, especially since January just happened and all.

Goals for 2014

  • Get a full time dev job or go back to school full time.
  • Move closer to my destination (geographically).
  • Wake up earlier (6:00 am).
  • Exercise more often or go to the gym.
  • Cut my expenses by a third.

There we go. Five goals. I should be able to get 5 goals in a year. They're not even that hard. I'll add more as I complete them. This way however, I'll be focused on a few manageable goals to have to worry about.

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