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Woo! So much stuff has happened since I last bothered to mention it. I've definitely been working on The Zombie Game with Kevin a lot more now and I'm happy to say that were almost done with it now! Note, I use the word "done" in the loosest term possible.

Any way, last week there was a Career Expo and a Coop/Internship Fair. Naturally I went to both because I was looking to get an internship. (See here) And guess what? I actually heard back from someone? First I gave my resume to AMD at the Career Expo, then I went to this local company, DiSTI, because I saw that they had a few products out that dealt a lot with graphics, which I found pretty interesting.

I heard back from DiSTI first, and they wanted an interview which we had on Tuesday. It definitely went a lot smoother than I expected and I got a call back from them today saying that they're ready to move on to the next step of the process, which is just a background check, before they can make me an offer. This is pretty exciting since they are looking for someone to stay with them pretty long term. And I'd get to work during semesters. The thing is they're looking for about 20 hours a week, which kinda scares me a little, but still, pay is good.

Next, I heard from AMD. AMD! I was pretty excited. But then I heard that the position would be in Austin, Texas for the summer AND fall. I'd be getting school credit for it, though, since it'd count as a coop. Plus the pay is a little better, however, I'd need to pay for my own housing and food while out there.

And on top of all that, I still haven't heard back from Google about the Freshman Engineering Practicum. I should get a response from them sometime this week, though. This will definitely be a tough decision to make.

In other news, there's a new club that started up at UCF called te Mobile Makers. I'm pretty excited for it since it's basically a community for UCF developers, albeit for mobile/cloud development.

This will be an exciting semester.

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