# 2012 New Year's Resolution

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It's finally 2012 and a lot has happened over the past year. I finished high school and moved on to UCF, that was probably the biggest thing for me. I got my Eagle Scout, went on a week long canoe trip and wasted away my summer. I got a new computer, a guitar, and some nice headphones, all from Black Friday (which was a first for me too). And that about sums up all that I can remember from 2011.

So this year I've decided to write down my resolutions for 2012 so I can make sure I accomplish them. Hopefully when I look back on this next year (assuming we're not all dead by then) I'll have completed all of my goals.

  • Get an internship this summer
  • Get my own place (not a dorm)
  • Read at least ten books
  • Have a playable game ready
  • Take the Foundation exam
  • Make my own website
  • Get all A's
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