# Bike Ride

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This was one of the greatest moments of my life. I think it was last Sunday night I spent the night at Matt's house. We kinda planned on Saturday to go on a bike ride, but it was still speculative enough for it to be considered a last minute plan. Nevertheless, we ended up doing it and it was totally worth it.

Matt, Devin, Dougie and Mikey spent the night there and then, with the exception of Mikey, we all woke up at 5 am. and got ready to go biking. I borrowed Matt's sister's bike, and everybody else had their own bikes. We went out while it was still dark, but as we continued on it got brighter. It was such a gorgeous morning.

We met up with Andrew at the overpass in order to see the sunrise, but we got bored waiting for it and continued on towards the town center. There we pretended we were all on light-bikes and rode around trying to cut each other off. It was awesome. There was no one in sight and the sun was just starting to be visible.

We continued on towards Dunkin Donuts and we each got a donut. The rest of the time we just biked around until we ended up home. We got back at 8 and had biked 15 miles. It felt so great. We made eggs for breakfast and I whipped up a little breakfast burrito. Afterwards we watched a batman video, hung out, had burgers for lunch and then Matt's dad took us out to get ice cream. It was a fantastic day.

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