# Pure Coincidence I Realized Imogen Heap Is Frou Frou

Note: This article was imported from my old blog, nakedlogic.blogspot.com. The exact date is unknown, so the day is for chronological order.
Notice: The Soundcloud link I embedded used Shockwave, which is no longer supported on browsers. Since this must have been well over a decade ago, I wasn't able to find the specific cover of such a popular song on Soundcloud, unfortunately. I've linked the original song via Spotify instead. Frou Frou is good too.

Yeah. Pure Coincidence. I've known about Frou Frou for quite a few years now. It wasn't until I randomly found this awesome guitar cover of Hide and Seek on Tumblr that I stumbled on the song. And I'd heard the song before, too. In the end, though, I'm glad I found this.

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Last Updated: 6/1/2021, 8:55:34 PM