# Calloused Fingers

Note: This article was imported from my old blog, nakedlogic.blogspot.com. The exact date is unknown, so the day is for chronological order.

I've learned to play the guitar this past week. There have been numerous occasions when I've tried to pick it up and begin learning, each time to no avail. But for whatever reason, this time it clicked.

In school I overheard a friend of mine talking to somebody else about having a guitar lesson at his house later. This piqued my interest in the guitar again, so when I went home I found Brigham's guitar in the corner and started playing it. I finally got the hang of the chords, and soon I knew all the major chords.

I came home later this week to find that Brigham had broken the jack, apparently while trying to fix it with "pliers and stuff". I know I can't be mad at him, since it's his guitar and he has the right to do whatever the heck he wants to do with it. It's just a pity that now the electric guitar is a useless guitar. Still, I'll practice with it until I get my own guitar.

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Last Updated: 6/1/2021, 8:55:34 PM