# The Ebb and Flow to Multiply

Note: This article was imported from my old blog, nakedlogic.blogspot.com. The exact date is unknown, so the day is for chronological order. The original article had the soundcloud link to the song embedded, but since it's behind a paywall now, the embedded code doesn't work anymore. I've replaced the Soundcloud link with a Spotify one instead.

Simple Math (opens new window) by Manchester Orchestra (opens new window). I have to admit, I first found out about Manchester Orchestra because a girl I knew liked Bad Books, their singer's side project. But I like them.


Anonymous said...

Bad Books is not their singers side project, it is in fact the whole band plus Kevin Devine. Right Away, Great Captain is their singer, Andy Hull's side project.

August 31, 2011 at 1:49 AM

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