# My Thoughts on Keeping Thoughts

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I never was one to keep a journal. growing up, I was always encouraged to do so, but I was too paranoid to try. I've always believed that my mind was the only safe sanctuary I have, so why risk the security of my thoughts, if I could simply reflect on them in my own head?

Either way, I never was the sentimental type. Thats something I quickly discovered about myself. I don't own very many possessions. I usually notice different types of people, and one of the ways I categorize them is by past, present and future. I know people who live in the past, and people who only concern themselves with the present. me, I think the best type of people are the ones who are grounded in the present and look towards the future.

So while I never did write down my thoughts, I've always wanted to. I believe expressing ones self is naturally therapeutic. The thing about doing this though, is that that I'll inevitably look back and roll my eyes at everything I've posted.

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