# Make Someone's Day

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I found this while looking through some old files in the back of my drawers. Since I'll be going off to college in a couple of months, my aunt decided to get me a little file organizer of sorts to keep all my important documents in. At the time I kept my high school transcript and test scores tucked away in a drawer. Every school year, I'd dump all the papers in my backpack into this drawer.

This was from my AP Psychology class during my Junior year. I remember my teacher, Mrs. Ruiz, being the happiest and most likable person ever. She was one of those teachers that you had no trouble talking with about things aside from school. It was close to the last day of school, and she decided to do something fun with the class. Those that wanted to got out a piece of paper, wrote their name on it, and passed it around the room. Then each person would write something nice about that person anonymously. Looking back now, I'm glad I decided to do this.

Seeing it again, it made me realize that you really never know when your going to make someones day. It wasn't even like a smile that made someone feel better that day. This was almost a year ago, and it found its way back to me today. I never will know when I'm going to make someones day (well let's be honest, some days you will. Great birthday gifts are hard to be disappointing), but from now on, I'll try to make a conscious effort to make someone else's day. Even if it isn't on that day.

1/21/2021 Update: WOW! I actually found this same piece of paper again while I was looking through my files the other day. That alone made my day all over again, all these years later.
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