# Greatest. Song. Ever.

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Broken Bells

# The Ghost Inside by Broken Bells

Take a good long look at the album cover. This may just be one of the greatest albums ever recorded. That I've listened to so far. The Ghost Inside is one of my most favorite songs ever, a title granted to a covetous few. So far I have about three songs that I could listen to forever. This is one of them.

The rest of the album is also very good, but I absolutely love The Ghost Inside. Also after listening to this, I decided that if there's one person I could meet in my lifetime, it'd be James Mercer. His lyrical deft and musical genius will forever haunt me.

1/21/2021 Update: In retrospect, much of my love of James Mercer was impressed upon my young mind by my twin sister and one of my best friends, who she was dating at the time.
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