# Christmas Day!

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Merry Christmas! This Christmas was a lot better than I had anticipated because it was in the spirit of giving (no really). I actually bought a lot of presents for my friends and family and I think that’s what made me happier this year. Not to mention I got a couple of presents for myself as well.

Let me tell you, Steam made their money off of me this year. I decided to buy Mass Effect, Amnesia, BF3, and Prototype for myself this year, then gifted a game to most of my friends, including my twin sister. With her nice new laptop, I decided to introduce her to the wonderful world of Steam. She got LIMBO and Braid, so she’s been having fun with that.

And I also got my old calculator watch that I wanted from her and Adam! Woo!

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Last Updated: 6/1/2021, 5:55:34 PM